Entertainment! :-Special Expanded Edition

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Gang of Four
Entertainment! :-Special Expanded Edition

[ Rhino Records / CD ]

Release Date: Tuesday 17 May 2005

This newly re-mastered special edition of the brilliant Gang of Four album, 'Entertainment!' is available as an American imported CD and includes several bonus tracks!


1. Ether
2. Natural's Not In It
3. Not Great Men
4. Damaged Goods
5. Return the Gift
6. Guns Before Butter
7. I Found that Essence Rare
8. Glass
9. Contract
10. At Home He's A Tourist
11. 5-45
12. Anthrax

Bonus Tracks :
13. Outside the Trains Don't Run on Time
14. He'd Send in the Army
15. It's Her Factory
16. Armalite Rifle
17. Guns Before Butter (Alternate Version)
18. Contract (Alternate Version)
19. Blood Free (Live)
20. Sweet Jane (Live)