Mozart: The Concert Arias

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Mozart: The Concert Arias
Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Teresa Berganza, Edita Gruberova, Kiri Te Kanawa, Elfriede Hobarth / London Symphony Orchestra / Royal Opera House Covent Ga

[ Decca Collector's Edition / 5 CD Box Set ]

Release Date: Wednesday 1 March 2006

"This set of 5 CD's a great value and highly recommended."

"The sound is wonderful and singing top notch. A great discovery and a must for any opera collector. Mozart gets better the more you listen to his opera compositions - the set contains many of the outstanding arias not always done in concert but which are lovely and some rediscoveries. Also, our recent loss of Winbergh makes this a buy as we don't have alot of recordings of his beautiful tenor voice. This set features him on 4 arias and his Mozart singing is truly outstanding. This set of 5 CD's a great value and highly recommended."

"Can't get enough of sublime Mozartian aria music? This complete compilation of concert arias should be part of every Mozart lover's collection, especially as a supplement to better known opera arias. There are gems among the concert collection that challenge even the loveliest of Mozart's better known operatic work. I can't say this is the only version of the concert arias ever to buy... the more versions I hear, the more I love the different interpretations. But if you're only going to sample one set, this could be the winner. The singers represented are masters of the Mozart craft; one virtuoso piece after another - for five discs, each over an hour long! The arrangement of voices, mostly soprano (since they sing the originally castrati arias as well), is also wonderful; no one sound is heard for too long before a very different one takes its place to give a contrasting flavor. And they're all in top form: Kiri Te Kanawa with her trademark creamy mildness is followed by Edita Gruberova's agile, silver-haunted coloratura. Teresa Berganza, whom I usually link with mezzo roles, is a tour de force of golden warmth; her Ch'io mi scordi de te? on disc 3 (piano accompaniment originally played by Mozart himself) is magnificent and deserves special note. Krisztina Laki and Elfriede Hobarth were lesser known to me; both are quite fine, although Laki's crystal sweetness is stronger and more pitch-perfect than Hobarth's, particularly in the highest notes of some mind-boggling musical phrases. The final 1.5 discs are handed to the men; Gosta Winbergh sings the tenor arias with heroic beauty and Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau and Fernando Corena as the bass-baritones are simply the richly toned legends one would expect. A very nice booklet with notes, lyrics and translations to each aria is included. It's a marvelous set; one of my favorite discoveries."


Ah, lo previdi...Ah, t'invola agl'occhi miei, K 272
Vado, ma dove?, K 583
Oh temerario Arbace...Per quel paterno amplesso, K 79 (73d)
Chi sa qual sia, K 582
Non piu, tutto ascoltai...Non temer, amato bene, K 490
Bella mia fiamma...Resta, o cara, K 528
Nehmt meinen Dank, ihr holden Gonner, K 383
Schon lacht der holde Fruhling, K 580
Per pieta, bel idol mio, K 78 (73b)
Misera! dove son...Ah! non son io, K 369
Un moto di gioia, K 579
Basta, vincesti...Ah, non lasciarmi, K 486a (295a)
Alma grande e nobil core, K 578
A questo seno deh vieni...Or che il cielo, K 374
Se tutti i mali miei, K 83 (73p)
Voi avete un cor fedele, K 217
Ombra felice...Io ti lascio, K 255
Misero me...Misero pargoletto, K 77 (73e)
Al desio di chi ch'adora, K 577
Se ardire, e speranza, K 82 (73o)
Ombra felice...Io ti lascio, K 255
Ch'io mi scordi di te...Non temer, amato bene, K 505
Fra cento affanni, K 88 (73c)
Non curo l'affetto, K 74b
Ah, spiegarti, oh Dio, K 178 (417e)
Der Liebe himmlisches Gefuhl, K 119 (382h)
Alcandro, lo confesso...Non so, d'onde viene, K 294
Alcandro, lo confesso...Non so, d'onde viene, K 294
Ah, se in ciel, benigne stelle, K 538
Ma che vi fece...Sperai vicino il lido, K 368
Mia speranza adorata...Ah, non sai qual pena, K 416
Vorrei spiegarvi, oh Dio, K 418
No, che non sei capace, K 419
A Berenice...Sol nascente, K 70 (61c)
Popoli di Tessaglia...Io non chiedo, K 316 (300b)
Va dal furor portata, K 21 (19c)
Si mostra la sorte, K 209
Con ossequio, con rispetto, K 210
Misero! o sogno...Aura che intorni spiri, K 431 (425b)
Clarice cara, K 256
Se al labbro mio non credi, K 295
Or che il dover...Tali e cotanti sono, K 36 (33i)
Per pieta, non ricercate, K 420
Warnung, K 433 (416c)
Ich mochte wohl der Kaiser sein, K 539
Mentre ti lascio, o figlia, K 513
Cosi dunque tradisci...Aspri rimorsi atroci, K 432 (421a)
Un bacio di mano, K 541
Alcandro, lo confesso...Non so, d'onde viene, K 512
Rivolgete a lui lo sguardo, K 584
Per questa bella mano, K 612