Orient - Occident (1200 - 1700)

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Orient - Occident (1200 - 1700)
Hesperion XXI / Jordi Savall (director)

[ Alia Vox / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 22 September 2006

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Instrumental music from ancient Christian, Jewish and Muslim Spain, medieval Italy and Morocco, Israel, Persian Afghanistan and the ancient Ottoman Empire.

"Finding the common ground that can symbolise a shared humanity has been the impulse for Daniel Barenboim and Edward Said's West East Divan Orchestra and, more recently, violinist Daniel Hope's East Meets West collaboration.Yet for some 30 years, Catalan early music guru Jordi Savall has embodied precisely the same ideals with his ensemble Hespèrion XXI.Their Orient-Occident project creates a flowing dialogue of music from Christian, Jewish and Muslim traditions and medieval times, when the Mediterranean helped to link rather than divide cultures. Hespèrion's performances may be the result of painstaking scholarship, but it is not so much the dust of medieval manuscripts as that of the desert that makes these latterday troubadours so compelling. Savall's virtuosity is so understated as to risk being taken for granted, but the defining rhythmic discipline, the mutual understanding that permits brief flights of improvisational fancy, has a powerful effect. Prayers, dances and laments seemed to bubble up from the same wellspring of experience, voice and instruments echoing each other in assent, crossing great divides." The Guardian, June 13th

Jordi Savall vielle, rebab, lire d'archet
Dimitris Psonis santur, saz
Driss El Maloumi oud, Yair Dalal oud
Pedro Estevan darbouka, bendir, tambor, pandereta, riq-gunga
Khaled Arman rubâb
Osman Arman tulak (flûte traversière)
Seiar Hashimi tablas & zirbaghali


1. Makam Rast "Murass'a" usul Düyek Turquie, mss. de Kantemiroglu 4'40
2. Ductia Alfonso X el Sabio (Cantigas 248-353) 3'43
3. A la una yo nací Sefarad / Sarajevo 3'56
4. Alba Castelló de la Plana (Espagne) 2'39
5. Danse de l'âme Maroc / Driss El Maloumi 4'33
6. Istampitta: La Manfredina Italia: trecento mss. 2'34
7. Laïli Djan Afghanistan (Perse) 4'04

8. Istampitta: In Pro Italia: trecento mss. 8'21
9. Danza del viento Sefarad / Bereber (Algérie) 3'04
10. Istampitta: Saltarello I Italia: trecento mss. 2'29
11. Chahamezrab Perse / Dimitris Psonis 3'36
12. Danza de las espadas Galicia (Espagne), s. XIII 1'51
13. Makam Nikriz üsul Berevsân Turquie, mss. de Kantemiroglu 3'34
14. Istampitta: Saltarello II Italia: trecento mss. 1'51

15. Ya Nabat Elrichan - Magam Lami Judeo-Iraquienne / Yair Dalal 3'37
16. Rotundellus (Cantiga 105) Alfonso X el Sabio 2'45
17. Makam Rast Semâ'i Turquie, mss. de Kantemiroglu 2'14
18. Istampitta: Lamento di Tristano Italia: trecento mss. 4'55
19. Mola Mamad Djânn Afghanistan (Perse) 5'07
20. Saltarello (Cantigas 77-119) Alfonso X el Sabio 2'28
21. Makam 'Uzäl Sakil "Turna" Turquie, mss. de Kantemiroglu 3'44