Dots: Music for Bouncy Babies

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Dots: Music for Bouncy Babies

[ Universal Children's Audio / CD ]

Release Date: Tuesday 2 December 2008

Songs that flow in the style of a baby music class. Interactive music education for the first year of life when baby is most receptive to learning.

Bounce your way through a variety of simple songs and musical activities that will charm your chickadee. Easy-to-follow instructions by Radha make this fun music-time easy to join in with. Sing along, bounce and rock ...

This delightful album is New Zealand's first original music for babies. Babies know what they like, and Dots communicates at their level of development. Your baby will delight in hearing other children on the album - little friends to interact with!

Enjoy the session right through or choose a song that appeals in the moment. Your baby will enjoy Dots again and again.


Baby Greetings
Bouncy Baby
Bounce, Rock & Hug
Kicking Off
Piggy Back
E Ngaoki - Crawl
Rererangi - Aeroplane
Here Are the Bells
Round & Round the Garden
Googily Goo
Dribble, Dribble, Dribble
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
What Little Fingers!
Rock-a-bye Baby
Arohanui - Love to Everyone
Baby Massage