Putumayo Presents - Acoustic Arabia

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Various Artists
Putumayo Presents - Acoustic Arabia

[ Putumayo World Music / CD ]

Release Date: Monday 14 June 2010

On previous collections, Putumayo has explored upbeat Arabic pop and dance music (Arabic Groove and North African Groove) and laid-back Arabic electronica (Sahara Lounge). With Acoustic Arabia, we turn our attention to the subtler, more organic music of the Arabic world which has been inspired by the region's traditional music.


1 Jamal Porto • Gamar Badawi
2 Les Orientales • Alger, Alger
3 Rasha • Azara Alhai
4 Charbel Rouhana and Hani Siblini • Mada
5 Tiris • Tiris Nibreeha
6 Souad Massi • Ghir Enta
7 Zaman • Batalti Eli
8 Mousta Largo • Les Larmes de Boabdil
9 Maurice El Medioni • Tu n'aurais jamais dû
10 Zein Al-Jundi • Wijjak Ma'ii