MARBECKS RARE: Intriguer (Deluxe Edition)

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Crowded House
MARBECKS RARE: Intriguer (Deluxe Edition)

[ Mercury Records U.K. / 2 CD/DVD ]

Release Date: Thursday 17 June 2010

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The inimitable Crowded House return with 'Intriguer', featuring the first single "Saturday Sun". The Deluxe Edition contains a DVD, featuring "Saturday Sun" (official video), "Upstairs at Home" (8 songs), plus "Live at the Auckland Town Hall" (2 songs).


Disc 1 - CD:
1. Saturday Sun
2. Archers Arrows
3. Amsterdam
4. Either Side of the World
5. Falling Dove
6. Isolation
7. Twice if You're Lucky
8. Even If
9. Inside Out
10. Elephants

Disc 2 - DVD:
Saturday Sun (Official Video)

"Crowded House - Upstairs at Home"
- Either Side of the World
- Amsterdam
- Saturday Sun
- Twice If You're Lucky
- Elephants
- Falling Dove
- Isolation
- Archer's Arrows

"Crowded House - Live at the Auckland Town Hall"
- Either Side Of The World
- Isolation

Check out this live performance of "Saturday Sun" on "Later... with Jools Holland" (via YouTube)