The Great Poets: Petrarch

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The Great Poets: Petrarch
Anton Lesser

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Release Date: Tuesday 20 July 2010

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Petrarch, the contemporary of Dante and Boccaccio, achieved fame in his own day as a scholar and founder of Renaissance humanism, but today he is chiefly remembered as a poet of love

achieved fame in his own day as a scholar and founder of Renaissance humanism, but today he is chiefly remembered as a poet of love.

His great cycle of sonnets addressed to the dazzling Laura occupied him for 40 years, forming an emotional and spiritual autobiography that moves between joy and despair. These poems established the themes and images of love poetry which was to spread throughout Renaissance Europe, influencing Sidney, Spenser and Shakespeare.

This recording presents 59 of the Laura sonnets, including some of the most powerful, addressed to her spirit after death by the heartbroken poet.


The Dawn of Love
If this should not be love
The pangs of love
If Laura were to die
Alone, thought-sick, I pace
Blest be the day
The poet turns from other works to write again of love
Golden upon the wind
Tears turn to joy
He tries to escape, but passion pursues
He is like a moth entering a flame
Alas! the seventeenth summer
The madness of desire
Laura confesses her sadness at their parting
I find no peace
In what bright realm
Love and I
It is the vigil
Through forests harsh
Trapped in the net of love
My vessel, cargoed with oblivion
The vision of the fawn - symbol of love liberated
Here stand we, Love
The soft wind (which is Laura's name)
The quiet wind recalls love's wound
From what source could Love
Memories of the birth of love
When in the sea sinks the sun's golden light
No savage beast
Her brilliant eyes
If it be destined
Breeze that with laughter moving
The day I left her
Foreboding in the night
Hearing of Laura's death
Remembering his last sight of Laura
Now that all hope is dead
Death pursues life
The soft winds of Vaucluse recall Laura
The last of my bright days
The apparition of Laura
Love guides him, but to no avail
Love calls, but you are gone
The impact of Laura's death
Valley, familiar with my desperate song
The apotheosis of Laura
He anticipates reunion with Laura
She speaks to him from heaven
A vision of Laura in heaven
The spring returns
That nightingale who weeps so sweetly
O swifter than the fawn
The ardour and the odour and dark wonder
Not skies serene
Go, grief-bewildered rhymes
For our own sake I seemed so cruel
Death has put out the burning of the sun
Love kept me one and twenty years a slave
Sweet wandering bird