The Complete Harpsichord Works

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The Complete Harpsichord Works
RIchard Egarr (harpsichord)

[ Harmonia Mundi / 4 CD Box Set ]

Release Date: Monday 3 October 2011

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"Egarr revels in the variety, both harmonic and rhythmic, that this music contains, and the interpretative opportunities it offers. I don't think anyone, even Egarr, would suggest listening to all four of these CDs at a single sitting, but in smaller portions they are genuinely exhilarating and constantly surprising." (The Guardian)


I. Suite in C major (A)
II. Suite in C major (B)
III. Suite in C major (B)
IV. Suite in C minor (A)
V. Suite in D major (A)
VI. Suite in D minor (B)
VII. Suite in D minor (B)
VIII. Suite in E minor (A)
IX. Suite in F major (A)
X. Suite in F major (A)
XI. Suite in G major (B)
XII. Suite in G major (B)
XIII. Suite in G minor (B)
XIV. Suite in G minor (A)
XV. Suite in G minor (A)
XVI. Suite in A minor (B)
XVII. Suite in A minor (B)
XVIII. Suite in A minor (B)
XIX. Suite in A major (B)
Pavanne in F# minor (B)
XX. Suite in B minor (A)
XXI. Suite in B-flat major (B)
Les Carillons de Paris (B)