The Invisible Way (LP)

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The Invisible Way (LP)

[ Sub Pop Records / LP ]

Release Date: Friday 15 March 2013

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Wilco front man Jeff Tweedy produced The Invisible Way, the new album from the Minnesota slow core heroes Low.

It's an old-school Low burner, quiet and placid and beautiful until the moment when you realize that it's become a stormy, powerful thing. The core of any Low album, though, is the unearthly beauty of Sparhawk and his wife Mimi Parker's vocal harmonies, which, after 20 years, have lost none of their emotion-stirring power.

Tweedy adds a few more instruments that Low would've done themselves back in the day, but the song still feels like it could've come straight from Secret Name.

Limited edition vinyl issue with MP3 download code.


Side A;
1. Plastic Cup
2. Amethyst
3. So Blue
4. Holy Ghost
5. Waiting
6. Clarence White

Side B:
1. Four Score
2. Just Make It Stop
3. Mother
4. On My Own
5. To Our Knees