Wagner Heroines

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Wagner Heroines
Birgit Nilsson, Susan Dunn, Gundula Janowitz, Kristen Flagstad, Dame Gwyneth Jones, Regine Resnik, Joan Sutherland

[ Decca SBS Australian Eloquence / CD ]

Release Date: Monday 14 July 2014

This is a 31-year retrospective (1956 - 1987) of great Wagner singing on Decca and Deutsche Grammophon featuring fourteen extracts from nine operas with seven great singers.

Wagner's heroines make for some of the most pivotal moments in his operas and this anthology highlights almost every aspect of his women - suspicious and inflexible (Fricka, here taken from a recital recording by Regina Resnik), redeeming (Elisabeth and Brünnhilde), passionate (Sieglinde), transfigured (Isolde).

We hear the great voices of Joan Sutherland (who sang a number of Wagnerian roles before establishing her incomparable reputation in the bel canto repertoire), her idol, Kirsten Flagstad (here singing Kundry), Flagstad's Scandinavian successor Birgit Nilsson (in two of the greatest opera scenes - Isolde's Liebstod and Brünnhilde's Immolation), and at the start of this recording, the splendidly Italianate singing of Susan Dunn as Elisabeth and Sieglinde. The illuminating notes on the music and the singers are by Wagner scholar Peter Bassett and the booklet includes a photo gallery of the singers.


Johohoe! Traft ihr das Schiff im Meere an 'Senta's Ballad' (from Der fliegende Holländer)
O Sachs, mein Freund! (from Die Meistersinger)
Der Männer Sippe (from Die Walküre)
Du bist der Lenz (from Die Walküre)
So ist's denn aus...Deiner ew'gen Gattin (from Die Walküre)
Meine Erbe nun nehm' Ich zu eigen (from Götterdämmerung)
Einsam in trüben Tagen (from Lohengrin)
Euch Lüften, die mein Klagen (from Lohengrin)
Ich sah das Kind an seiner Mutter Brust (from Parsifal)
Gerechter Gott! (from Rienzi)
Allmächt'ge Jungfrau! (from Tannhäuser)
Dich, teure Halle (from Tannhauser)
Einsam wachend...Habet acht! (from Tristan und Isolde)
Mild und leise 'Isolde's Liebestod' (from Tristan und Isolde)