Mozart: Il Sogno di Scipione

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Mozart: Il Sogno di Scipione
The Choir and Orchestra of Classical Opera, Ian Page

[ Signum / 2 CD ]

Release Date: Friday 13 October 2017

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Classical Opera continue their continuing complete Mozart opera recording series with the one-act dramatic serenade 'Il sogno di Scipione', K126.

Composed in 1771 as a celebratory homage to Prince Archbishop Sigismund Schrattenbach of Salzburg, the Archbishop died before the piece could be performed. In the spring of 1772 Mozart amended the work so that it could be used in honour of Schrattenbach's successor, Hieronymus Colloredo - the only necessary change was to alter the name of the dedicatee in the final recitative.

The story of Scipio's Dream takes place in c.148 BC, while the celebrated Roman general is a guest in the palace of his ally Massinissa, King of Numidia (in modern day Tunisia). As Scipio falls into a deep sleep, he dreams that the allegorical figures of Fortuna (Fortune) and Costanza (Constancy) appear to him in Elysium and demand that he should choose one of them to follow for the rest of his days.