A Beard Of Bees (LP)

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This Kind Of Punishment
A Beard Of Bees (LP)

[ Superior Viaduct / LP ]

Release Date: Friday 2 February 2018

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Among This Kind Of Punishment's myriad of recordings, A Beard Of Bees best outlines the collective vision of the Jefferies brothers. Their classic second album feels more meticulous than its predecessor, proffering a grey, near-Mancunian influence that serves as both touchstone and springboard for the proceedings. The unique manoeuvring on "Trepidation" is a marvel: guitar sweetness shifting toward melancholic piano and ending with their combined shimmer. Conversely, the augmented VU-inspired noise of "East Meets West" positions itself as the album's prime moment of severity - creepily building toward horror-show screams that inch to a buried, found-sound resolution.

Originally self-released in 1984, A Beard Of Bees has been out of print for almost 25 years.


1. Prelude
2. From The Diary Of Hermann Doubt
3. The Horrible Tango
4. Trepidation
5. East Meets West
6. Turning To Stone
7. Although They Appear
8. The Sleepwalker
9. An Open Denial