The Lights Of Te Atatu (LP)

The Lights Of Te Atatu (LP) cover
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Dominic Blaazer
The Lights Of Te Atatu (LP)

[ LP ]

Release Date: Friday 23 February 2018

The debut solo album by Dominic Blaazer, formerly of A Riot of Colour, The Peter Stuyvesant Hitlist, Smoothy, currently moonlighting in Ghost Town. 180g vinyl, includes download code.

"The cover and title on the limited edition vinyl album (with a download code) are strong clues: something domestic and personal, piano at the centre of the frame and yet excellent arrangements for strings and horns on the 10 originals and co-writes.

There is a suggestion of Nick Lowe's thoughtful and measure delivery in Blaazer's vocals and in his refined lyrics, and perhaps even a hold-over from Greg Fleming's narrative and sometimes imagistic writing.

He makes those lights of Te Atatu seem magical and resonant, even though they are seen through heartbreak: "They shine for me, they look like diamonds through my tears and jewels on the sea . . ."

Blaazer's background ensures there is a crafted, pop sensibility in these (mostly) piano ballads about affairs of the heart (Simple Love is beautifully refined and understated piece) but he also skewers the promises, egos and pitfalls of the music industry/fame game (Gang Brawl which sounds almost Lennonesque) and offers a low and bluesy mood piece which ascends into a big hearted soulful ballad with sax (the five minute The Reason I Care which might have dropped off the soundtrack to an Eighties movie)....At its best - the title track, Baby What Can I Say, Simple Love, the gently haunting Sunday Morning - these are fine songs and in another lifetime, when artists would look for material rather than write their own, any number here would be picked up." Graham Reid, Elsewhere


Side 1
The Lights of Te Atatu
Baby, What Can I Say?
I Never Said That I'd Be True!
Gang Brawl
Whatever You Need

Side 2
The Reason I Care
Simple Love
Sunday Morning
Nothing Lasts Forever
Baby Says She Cares