Rachmaninov: √Čtudes-tableaux

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Rachmaninov: Études-tableaux
Steven Osborne (piano)

[ Hyperion / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 27 July 2018

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The universal critical plaudits which greeted Steven Osborne's recording of the Rachmaninov Preludes are certain to be repeated even more enthusiastically on the release of this version of the wonderful Études-tableaux.

"It instils the works with a certain mystery, captured imaginatively and authoritatively by Steven Osborne. As Rachmaninov said, "a small piece can become as lasting a masterpiece as a large work". Osborne proves his point." Sunday Times

"The pianist's supple calibrations of touch and timing lend an air of mystery to No. 4, while he dispatches No. 5's vertiginous virtuoso writing with an effortlessness bordering on the transcendental. No. 6's ricocheting chords always land dead of center, each note fully voiced, while No. 8's thick writing emerges like a newly restored old master painting: clear and well-defined." ClassicsToday

"Osborne's pianistic brilliance and deftness easily lets us conjure up our own narratives - or no narratives at all." The Times


Études-tableaux Op 33
Études-tableaux Op 39

Rachmaninov - Études-tableaux - Steven Osborne (piano)