Balada: Ballet City/ Caprichos / Spiritual

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Balada: Ballet City/ Caprichos / Spiritual
Luis Fernández-Castelló (clarinet) / Ensemble Col legno, Robert Ferrier

[ Naxos / CD ]

Release Date: Tuesday 17 July 2018

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Acknowledged as one of the finest contemporary composers, Barcelona-born Leonardo Balada has written a series of Caprichos, suite-like pieces that illustrate the range of his invention. Fusing traditional and contemporary elements, they generate a symbiosis between the ethnic and the avant-garde, as in 'Caprichos No. 7: Fantasies of 'La Tarara' in which an Andalusian folk melody is transformed into a surrealist canvas, and in the vividly descriptive dissonance of 'Caprichos No. 6.' 'Ballet City' is a youthful work, reflecting Balada's early enthusiasm for neo-classicism. Ensemble Col legno is a Valencian group dedicated to the interpretation of music for chamber orchestra and the performance of new compositions. Conducted by Robert Ferrer since its foundation in 2006, Ensemble Col legno has performed across Spain and has recently started projects in Europe. The ensemble has performed 30 world premieres of works by living composers, as well as several premieres in Spain.


Ballet City (concert version)
Caprichos No. 6
Caprichos No. 7, "Fantasies of La Tarara"
Caprichos No. 10, "Fantasy of La Pastoreta"

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