Discreet Music (LP)

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Brian Eno
Discreet Music (LP)

[ Universal Music / 2 LP ]

Release Date: Friday 16 November 2018

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While his earlier work with Robert Fripp on 'No Pussyfooting' and several selections from his own 'Another Green World' feature similar ideas, 'Discreet Music' marked a clear step toward the ambient aesthetic Eno would later codify with 1978's 'Ambient 1: Music for Airports.' The inspiration for this album began when Eno was hospitalised after an accident. Whilst bed-ridden and listening to a record of eighteenth-century harp music, the volume was too low and he couldn't reach to turn it up. It was raining outside, and Eno recounts he began listening to the rain and to "these odd notes of the harp, that were just loud enough to be heard above the rain".
"This presented what was for me a new way of hearing music - as part of the ambience of the environment, just as the colour of the light and the sound of the rain were parts of that ambience", he observed.


1. Discreet Music (Part 1)

2. Discreet Music (Part 2)

1. Fullness Of Wind (Variation On 'The Canon In D Major' By Johann Pachelbel)

2. French Catalogues (Variation On 'The Canon In D Major' By Johann Pachelbel)
3. Brutal Ardour (Variation On 'The Canon In D Major' By Johann Pachelbel)