Down The Road Wherever (LP)

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Mark Knopfler
Down The Road Wherever (LP)

[ British Grove / Universal / 2 LP ]

Release Date: Friday 16 November 2018

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Mark Knopfler's ninth solo studio album features 14 unhurriedly elegant new songs inspired by a wide range of subjects, including his early days in Deptford with Dire Straits, a stray football fan lost in a strange town, the compulsion of a musician hitching home through the snow, and a man out of time in his local greasy spoon. Mark has a poet's eye for telling details that infuse his songs with his unique psychogeography - 'where the Delta meets the Tyne' as he describes it - and his warm Geordie vocal tone and his deft, richly melodic guitar playing are as breathtaking and thrilling as ever.


1. Trapper Man
2. Back On The Dance Floor
3. Nobody's Child

4. Nobody Does That
5. Good On You Son
6. Floating Away

1. One Song At A Time
2. Heavy Up
3. Slow Learner

4. Just A Boy Away From Home
5. My Bacon Roll
6. When You Leave
7. Matchstick Man

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