The Heart Dances

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The Heart Dances 

[ Rialto / DVD ]

Release Date: Wednesday 17 July 2019

Rated: PG - Films, Videos, and Publications Classification Act 1993PG No Notes

A woman and a piano at the edge of a wild sea. The image evokes a story etched in our collective memory that dates back 25 years, to the moment cinema-goers around the world were captivated by an extraordinary tale of desire, violence and hope in a remote colonized landscape. In February 2018, drawing on this rich inspiration, Jiří and Otto Bubeníček staged a new two-act ballet for the Royal New Zealand Ballet.

The Heart Dances follows the creation of this work, transporting audiences around the world across cultural boundaries and behind-the-scenes while exploring the personal and collective challenges involved in re-imagining a passionate story in a new art form. Filmed in Czech Republic, Germany and New Zealand, The Heart Dances features a stunning soundtrack from the ballet, including Michael Nyman, and a range of New Zealand tracks from Aldous Harding, Bic Runga, Minuit, Hirini Melbourne and Richard Nunns and Flavio Villani.

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