You Have Reached Your Destination

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Brave Caitlin Smith's Imaginary Band
You Have Reached Your Destination

[ Caitlin Smith Music / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 11 December 2020

Granted Creative NZ funding in 2007, recorded at Roundhead Studios in 2009… Caitlin Smith's album has finally reached its destination - you! Specifically, your ears, your fingertips and (for those who can access it) your eyes.

Like The Caitlin Smith Group's Aurere from 2004, all songs were recorded in the same room (wherever possible), at the same time. The musicians are a who's who of virtuosity: Kevin Field (piano), Alan Brown (Hammond B3/synths), Dixon Nacey (guitar), Aaron Coddel (bass), Nick Gaffeney, Steven Thomas & Chris O'Connor (drums), Nigel Gavin (slide guitar), Janek Croydon (pedal and lap steel) John Bell (vibraphone), Finn Scholes (trumpet), Oliver Emmett (Trombone), Matu Ngaropo, Rebecca Le Harle and Callie Blood (backing vocals)… even Carter Collins from the Tim Buckley Trio plays conga on Prayer for a Miracle!

Staying true to her vision for the album took considerable determination and effort. Smith's dream, informed by legal-blindness since birth, is to encourage 'deep listening'. Aligned with a spirit of transparency, solo acoustic recordings of the songs will be available on Bandcamp.

Smith's footsteps are heard between each track allowing all 75 minutes to be experienced as one continuous/seamless work. The listener is invited into their own 'inner pilgrimage' as liner notes further explain.

This release is all about timing… divine timing. When the first Lockdown due to COVID-19 postponed a nationwide tour one week before it was due to begin, the CD wasn't ready. When the second lockdown was announced the night before the official launch party at Anthology Lounge for Creative Jazz Club (CJC), the CD wasn't ready. Now, it is ready.

It simultaneously represents many communities that Smith belongs to and intersects with, as well as being an immensely personal 'initiation'. Representing: Blind Pride, having and holding an artefact, the recovery movement, art as opposed to entertainment, the poetry/spoken word communities, getting real about mental health issues, teaching voice and songwriting, independence and peer support with songwriters internationally.


Grand Companion
The Story So Far
A Little Birdie
Fade Into The Sun
No Man's Land
Crossing Wellesley Street
Prayer For A Miracle
White Satin Dress
Held Like A Baby
Tug O War
Safe and Sound
Easier Said Than Done
Petty Cash
Such A Waste
Walking to the Museum
Another Goodbye

Prayer For A Miracle