Valentina and Gustavo: Proof That There's Plenty of Life in the Classical World Yet - Mon, 30 Jul 2012

How would you feel about considering a pair of youthful, yet masterfully skilled, components of the classical world that we'd like to recommend you today? They have impressed us no end this last week with their offerings, both mentioned below.

The vibrant Valentina Lisitsa (pictured), a stunning virtuosic pianist, has become the first classical musician to achieve fame via YouTube, emulating Justin Bieber's achievement in the pop world. Having amassed an impressive 43 million views on her channel, Valentina was then in the unique position of going straight to one of the world's leading concert venues for her central London debut. A fantastic feat considering this staggering player had previously only given a solo concert in a village church in Perivale. To her surprise it was overflowing with fans she had gathered online, so she took the next brave step and approached one of the UK's biggest concert halls for her major unveiling to the greater public at large. Impressed by her YouTube success and in an unprecedented step, the Royal Albert Hall welcomed the young musician to perform there.

A still relatively fresh faced addition to the conducting world, Gustavo Dudamel, Gramophone's "Artist of the Year" 2011 and Grammy award winner 2012, leads the classical summer live and TV event of 2012: The Summer Night Concert. The performance took place on June 7th in the gardens of Schonbrunn Palace, with this year's main theme being Dances and Waves -- a programme showcasing symphonic and operatic highlights.

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