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Sounds From The Workshop (LP) cover
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Reuben Vaun Smith
Sounds From The Workshop (LP)
[ Soundway / 2 LP - due 26/Nov/2021 ]
Having further honed his craft, Reuben Vaun Smith returns to Soundway Records with a sonic odyssey through lo-fi Balearic and Afro-Caribbean influenced synth. Smith's second album continues his exploration into improvised live instruments and...
Dois (LP) cover
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Dois (LP)
[ Soundway / LP - released 28/Nov/2014 ]
Batida release new album "Dois" via Soundway Records. Strands of afro-house, kuduro, benga, semba, samples from The Clash and old Angolan movies and afro-beat tracks, African MCs and musicians from all over the world are all deftly mixed together by...
Latin Parang / Parang Jam (12") cover
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Colleen Grant/Sandra Hamilton
Latin Parang / Parang Jam (12")
[ Soundway / 12in - released 6/Dec/2019 ]
Soundway presents two rare Parang dancefloor cuts from early 1980s Trinidad & Tobago. Parang is a style of folk music that originated from Venezuelan and Colombian immigrants that came to the Caribbean, and evolved to include elements of Latin...
Bahir (LP) cover
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Dexter Story
Bahir (LP)
[ Soundway / LP - released 15/Mar/2019 ]
New release from LA-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Dexter Story. Described by Story as "a snapshot of the last few years of my immersive study of the Horn of Africa," Bahir's 13 tracks mix Ethiopian jazz, Tuareg grooves, ekista dance...
Family Atlantica - 180g Double LP + MP3 cover
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Family Atlantica
Family Atlantica - 180g Double LP + MP3
[ Soundway / 2 LP - released 28/Jun/2013 ]
Recorded over 4 years in London and Venezuela, Family Atlantica's Cuban rumba, Venezuelan tambor and tonada, Ghanaian highlife, Ethiopian blues and calypso have been soaked and infused with psychedelia and spiritual jazz. Gilles Peterson included...
Flamingo Pier (LP) cover
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Flamingo Pier
Flamingo Pier (LP)
[ Soundway / LP - released 18/Jun/2021 ]
Serving up euphoric disco hooks, to classic house choruses and forays into Latin funk, Balearic and psychedelia - New Zealand collective Flamingo Pier deliver their debut album. In 2019 and 2020 they released two widely lauded EPs on Soundway...
We Can Move (12") cover
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Free Youth
We Can Move (12")
[ Soundway / 12in - released 12/Jul/2019 ]
Soundway Records reissues Free Youth's long sought-after 1985 single "We Can Move", one of the first known examples of Ghanaian hip hop, emerging at the dawn of 'hip-life' (hip hop meets highlife). It was the trio's only release and originally...
Easing (12") LP cover
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George & Glen Miller
Easing (12") LP
[ Soundway / 12in - released 14/Jun/2019 ]
Soundway Records presents the official vinyl release of George & Glen Miller's 1979 hit "Easing". Restored, remastered and cut loud for the dancefloor, the 12" single features the original vocal on the A-side and the essential instrumental on the...
A Festa É Nossa (LP) cover
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Grupo Controle Digital
A Festa É Nossa (LP)
[ Soundway / LP - released 16/Nov/2018 ]
Soundway Records delivers a beautifully remastered reissue of Brazilian duo Grupo Controle Digital's only album, "A Festa É Nossa". First released in 1988, the album is now housed in a tip-on heavyweight sleeve with restored artwork. With the...
A World of Masks (LP) cover
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A World of Masks (LP)
[ Soundway / LP - released 23/Jun/2017 ]
The Heliocentrics are a group for which genres are meaningless and boundaries invisible. They've spent years squeezing fragments of hip-hop, jazz, psych, and krautrock into their hypnotic, thrumming compositions since debuting on DJ Shadow's 2006...
You Are Mine (LP) cover
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You Are Mine (LP)
[ Soundway / LP - released 4/Aug/2017 ]
This very rare Nigerian disco classic LP, originally released in 1986, is the only known recorded album by Hotline and features the track 'Fella's Doing It In Lagos', which gave its name to the recent Soundway 'Doing It In Lagos' compilation. 180...
Ta Lassa (12") cover
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International Soleil Band
Ta Lassa (12")
[ Soundway / 12in - released 26/Apr/2019 ]
Composed by Gnamakoron Sidi Diabaté, Ta Lassa was featured originally on an album released in 1983 by French Warners offshoot WAM (West African Music) - a short lived label that recorded about 20 releases of West African music released in...
Curiosities (Reissue LP) cover
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Lord Echo
Curiosities (Reissue LP)
[ Soundway / 2 LP - released 13/Sep/2019 ]
Soundway Records completes the Lord Echo album collection, finally reissuing the second album in the trilogy from the in-demand New Zealand multi-instrumentalist and producer. Originally released in 2013, 'Curiosities' is now available as a DJ...
Harmonies cover
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Lord Echo
[ Soundway CD / CD - released 7/Apr/2017 ]
Harmonies is the new long player from underground super-producer Lord Echo (aka Mike Fabulous). The new album solidifies his already distinctive mutations of reggae and rock steady with disco, African soul, techno and spiritual jazz. Harmonies...
Harmonies (DJ Friendly 2xLP) cover
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Lord Echo
Harmonies (DJ Friendly 2xLP)
[ Soundway / 2 LP - released 30/Jun/2017 ]
"I made this record primarily with DJs in mind. DJs and record nerds. They are generally people who really love music and are often obsessed with various aspects of it. And they still buy records! I respect that. I'm not making music for people for...
The Mauskovic Dance Band (LP) cover
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The Mauskovic Dance Band
The Mauskovic Dance Band (LP)
[ Soundway Records / LP - released 24/May/2019 ]
Soundway Records presents the eponymous debut LP from in-demand Amsterdam five piece The Mauskovic Dance Band - fusing no-wave dance punk, Afro-Caribbean rhythms and space disco in a "controlled explosion" (The Quietus). Entirely self-produced,...
Dersesperanza (LP) cover
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Meridian Brothers
Dersesperanza (LP)
[ Soundway / LP - released 7/Dec/2012 ]
¿Dónde Estás María? (LP) cover
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Meridian Brothers
¿Dónde Estás María? (LP)
[ Soundway / LP - released 13/Oct/2017 ]
The boundary-pushing Colombian group returns to Soundway Records with another unique album: dreamy psych-folk, blending traditional Latin rock with tropicalia, and lush string and choral arrangements. Meridian Brothers' sound is a huge palette of...
Ondatropica (LP & 7") cover
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Ondatropica (LP & 7")
[ Soundway / 3 LP - released 8/Feb/2019 ]
Reissued 3LP with bonus 7" + full booklet documenting the creation of the record and the artists involved. Colombian musician, Mario Galeano, the force behind the band Frente Cumbiero, and English producer Will Holland a.k.a. Quantic, joined...
Shilungu (12") cover
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Penny Penny
Shilungu (12")
[ Soundway Records / 12in - released 28/Jun/2019 ]
Preceding a double vinyl compilation from South African-raised, UK-based DJ and producer Esa Williams, this 12" features Penny Penny's impossibly rare Kwaito House monster "Shilungu". On the flip is the acid-soaked "Shilungu (Esa & Mervin Granger...