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Batik (LP) cover
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Gabriele Poso
Batik (LP)
[ Soundway / LP - due 18/Oct/2019 ]
Future Afro-Latin jazz house from Italian master percussionist, multi-instrumentalist and composer Gabriele Poso. The entirely self-produced album features guest vocalists Nailah Porter, Nina Rodriguez, Quetzal Guerrero & Sofia Rollo. On 'Batik',...
Batida cover
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[ Soundway / CD - released 27/Apr/2012 ]
A distinctly modern and vibrant project with its feet firmly rooted in the past, Batida combine samples from old 1970s Angolan tracks with modern electronic dance music.
Dois cover
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[ Soundway / CD - released 28/Nov/2014 ]
Batida release new album "Dois" via Soundway Records. Strands of afro-house, kuduro, benga, semba, samples from The Clash and old Angolan movies and afro-beat tracks, African MCs and musicians from all over the world are all deftly mixed together by...
Ifetayo cover
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Black Truth Rhythm Band
[ Soundway / CD - released 30/Jan/2012 ]
Originally released in 1976, 'Ifetaya' was the only release from the Afro-centric Trinidadian band and is re-issued here for the first time on CD.
Elegancia Tropical cover
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Bomba Esterio
Elegancia Tropical
[ Soundway / CD - released 1/Mar/2013 ]
Magical Thinking cover
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Chico Mann
Magical Thinking
[ Soundway / CD - released 3/May/2013 ]
Displaying his mastery over an arsenal of studio weapons and synthesizers, Chico Mann (aka Marcos Garcia) scores his fifth long player against a backdrop of pop sensibilities and guest vocalists. The album draws as much on 80's funk, boogie and...
Manifest Tone The Best of Volumes 1-3 cover
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Chico Mann
Manifest Tone The Best of Volumes 1-3
[ Soundway / CD - released 28/Jun/2013 ]
Cartagena! Sound of Colombia 1962-72 cover
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Curro Fuentes & The Big Band Cumbia and Descarga
Cartagena! Sound of Colombia 1962-72
[ Soundway / CD - released 14/Mar/2011 ]
Exploring a changing era for Colombian music, when new styles like porro, fandango and cumbia mixed with descargas and salsa, cementing Colombia's reputation as a formidable dance music hotspot in Latin America.
Aljawal cover
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Debruit & Alsarah
[ Soundway / CD - released 15/Nov/2013 ]
Soundway records present a unique record: a modern, haunting take on Sudanese music heard through the sonic lens of French artist / producer, Débruit and the poetic, ethereal lyrics and melodies of Sudanese-born singer Alsarah. Aljawal (The...
Bahir (LP) cover
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Dexter Story
Bahir (LP)
[ Soundway / LP - released 15/Mar/2019 ]
New release from LA-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Dexter Story. Described by Story as "a snapshot of the last few years of my immersive study of the Horn of Africa," Bahir's 13 tracks mix Ethiopian jazz, Tuareg grooves, ekista dance...
Airbourne EP 12" cover
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Airbourne EP 12"
[ Soundway / 12in - released 7/Dec/2012 ]
Inspired by the musical lineage of London, Chicago, New York and Detroit, elements of house music, techno music, bass culture and the rhythms of West Africa are all to be found here. Distinctive in its raw immediacy, DrumTalk's music belongs in...
Projection One cover
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Projection One
[ Soundway / CD - released 16/Apr/2012 ]
Family Atlantica cover
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Family Atlantica
Family Atlantica
[ Soundway / CD - released 3/May/2013 ]
Recorded over 4 years in London and Venezuela, Cuban rumba, Venezuelan tambor and tonada, Ghanaian highlife, Ethiopian blues and calypso have been soaked and infused with psychedelia and spiritual jazz. Gilles Peterson included the band in his recent...
Tape 1 / Tape 2 (LP) cover
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Tape 1 / Tape 2 (LP)
[ Soundway / LP - released 26/Oct/2018 ]
In the Felbm project, Dutch multi-instrumentalist Eelco Topper steps away from his previous synthesiser-laden sounds as Falco Benz, towards a much looser, simpler and sketch-like approach. Picking up a number of acoustic instruments, he began...
We Can Move (12") cover
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Free Youth
We Can Move (12")
[ Soundway / 12in - released 12/Jul/2019 ]
Soundway Records reissues Free Youth's long sought-after 1985 single "We Can Move", one of the first known examples of Ghanaian hip hop, emerging at the dawn of 'hip-life' (hip hop meets highlife). It was the trio's only release and originally...
Dancing Time: The Best of Eastern Nigeria's Afro Rock '73 cover
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Hedzoleh cover
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[ Soundway / CD - released 10/May/2010 ]
A World of Masks cover
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A World of Masks
[ Soundway / CD - released 23/Jun/2017 ]
The Heliocentrics are a group for which genres are meaningless and boundaries invisible. They've spent years squeezing fragments of hip-hop, jazz, psych, and krautrock into their hypnotic, thrumming compositions since debuting on DJ Shadow's 2006...
Sound Machine cover
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Ibibio Sound Machine
Sound Machine
[ Soundway / CD - released 4/Apr/2014 ]
London based group Ibibio Sound Machine, Fronted by British / Nigerian vocalist Eno Williams, combine elements of West African highlife, disco, post-punk & psychedelic electro soul. Folk stories, recounted to Eno by her family as a child in her...
Ta Lassa (12") cover
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International Soleil Band
Ta Lassa (12")
[ Soundway / 12in - released 26/Apr/2019 ]
Composed by Gnamakoron Sidi Diabaté, Ta Lassa was featured originally on an album released in 1983 by French Warners offshoot WAM (West African Music) - a short lived label that recorded about 20 releases of West African music released in...