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Blue Train: Special Expanded Edition cover
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2-6 weeks
John Coltrane
Blue Train: Special Expanded Edition
[ Essential Jazz Classics / CD - released 10/May/2008 ]
This release includes the complete 1957 album 'Blue Train', plus four bonus tracks showcasing Coltrane's genius on several sessions, from the same period and with similar personnel.
Into the Blue cover
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2-6 weeks
Nicholas Payton
Into the Blue
[ Nonesuch Records / CD - released 23/May/2008 ]
Nicholas Payton's album 'Into the Blue' follows a string of acclaimed recordings and is his first to be recorded in his hometown of New Orleans
Timeless Portraits and Dreams cover
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2-6 weeks
Geri Allen
Timeless Portraits and Dreams
[ Telarc Records / 2 CD - released 22/Aug/2006 ]
This is an amalgam of original compositions, jazz standards and spirituals - Allen's acknowledgment & affirmation of artistic, historical and even spiritual connections that have made Jazz the powerful cultural force it has become over the past...