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Piano Quintets and Melodramas cover
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2-6 weeks
Piano Quintets and Melodramas
Jaakko Kuusisto, Laura Vikman (violins) Anna Kreetta Gribajcevic (viola) Joel Laakso (cello) Folke Grasbeck (piano) Monica Groop (mezzo-soprano )
[ BIS / CD - released 1/Mar/2007 ]
Apart from Voces intimae, his final string quartet, the chamber music of Jean Sibelius has been rather over-shadowed by the orchestral masterpieces.
Complete Piano Trios (Volume 1) cover
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2-6 weeks
Complete Piano Trios (Volume 1)
Jaakko Kuusisto (violin) Satu Vanska (violin) Marko Ylanen (cello) Folke Grasbeck (piano)
[ BIS / CD - released 1/Aug/2003 ]
"Sibelians can rest assured that these are affectionate, deft performances, ideally recorded. BIS’s booklet is a model of its kind." (Gramophone)