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Harris / O'Sullivan: Making Light of Time cover
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2-6 weeks
Harris / O'Sullivan: Making Light of Time
Jenny Wollerman (soprano), Jian Liu (piano), New Zealand String Quartet
[ Atoll / CD - released 3/Nov/2017 ]
These three vocal works, the Abiding Tides, Songs for Beatrice: Making Light of Time and The Floating Bride, the Crimson Village, represent the fruits of a decade-long collaboration partnership between two of New Zealand's creative masters, Ross...
Distant Beloved cover
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Distant Beloved
Simon O'Neill (tenor) Terence Dennis (piano)
[ Decca / CD - released 30/Jan/2019 ]
"The New Zealander Simon O'Neill (b 1971) is fast winning international recognition as a leading heldentenor, that rare breed of powerful, heroic tenor voice needed for German romantic opera, especially Richard Wagner." MusicWeb
Remember Parihaka cover
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Remember Parihaka
Alexa Still (flute) Katherine Hebley (cello) Andrew Uren (bass clarinet) Sam Hunt (poet) / Auckland Chamber Orchestra / Peter Scholes
[ Atoll Records / CD - released 12/Oct/2009 ]
For their debut disc ACO and Music Director Scholes have recorded four of Anthony Ritchie's smaller-scale orchestral works.