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Ire Works cover
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The Dillinger Escape Plan
Ire Works
[ Relapse Records / CD - released 13/Nov/2007 ]
Brutality scientists The Dillinger Escape Plan can't be accused of going soft on this experiment in futuristic chaos. In fact, they're as ferocious and cerebral as ever...
Believe cover
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[ Warner Music / CD - released 3/Oct/2002 ]
The Chicago metal quartet deliver more of everything that made debut album 'The Sickness' such a phenomenon - more melodic, more intense, more metal, even more powerful.
Rust in Peace cover
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Rust in Peace
[ Capitol Records / CD - released 23/Aug/2004 ]
A "thrash metal" favourite, containing intense, composite musical arrangements. Now re-mixed and re-mastered, with previously unreleased bonus tracks.
The Best of Sepultura cover
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The Best of Sepultura
[ Roadrunner Records / CD - released 3/Oct/2006 ]
From its thrash beginnings, to its later groove-metal endeavors, Sepultura's bloody roots have always been 100% Brazilian and 100% brutal. This compilation features "Inner Self," "Roots Bloody Roots," "Refuse / Resist" and the tribal hit,...
Slipknot - 10th Anniversary Edition cover
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Slipknot - 10th Anniversary Edition
[ Roadrunner Records / 2 CD/DVD - released 7/Sep/2009 ]
Grammy Award winning hard rock powerhouse, Slipknot present this special edition of their seminal self-titled debut. The CD/DVD pack features the original album as well as rare demos, remixes, rare b-sides, expanded package artwork and more!