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Buena Vista Social Club cover
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Buena Vista Social Club
Buena Vista Social Club
[ BMG / ADA / CD - released 7/Sep/1997 ]
The original Cuban classic, stretching the boundaries of world music and western guitar idioms.
Lost Soul Music cover
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Lost Soul Music
[ Round Trip Mars CD / CD - released 15/May/2001 ]
Highly recommended second album from local multi-instrumentalist / vocalist / downbeat / electronica wizard, Sean James Donnelly. With guests, including Don McGlashan of The Front Lawn / The Muttonbirds. Amazing, original soundscapes... Highly...
Electro Jazz Crooners Volume 1 cover
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Various Artists
Electro Jazz Crooners Volume 1
[ Wagram Music / CD - released 30/May/2006 ]
Featuring Nathan Haines' "Impossible Beauty" and Jamie Lidell’s "What is it This Time" - perfect for a candle-lit dinner!