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Take A Chance cover
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Take A Chance
[ Poly Fonk Productions / CD - released 20/Jun/1990 ]
The debut album from the talented, original Kiwi Poly Fonk duo is still as relevant today as it was way back in 1988. Unavailable for some time, 'Take A Chance' is now re-pressed and re-mastered by band founder Ryan Monga
Wincing the Night Away cover
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The Shins
Wincing the Night Away
[ Sub Pop Records / CD - released 23/Jan/2007 ]
The highly anticipated third full length from The Shins is packed full of lilting, exhilarating, rollicking, rock-solid pop songs. 'Wincing the Night Away' is the sound of a band growing up and out.
Psychosis of Love cover
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The Gladeyes
Psychosis of Love
[ Lil' Chief Records New Zealand / CD - released 9/Nov/2009 ]
'Psychosis of Love' is the debut album from Auckland-based duo, Jade Farley & Gwen Norcliffe. "The two demure girls with wide eyes & open hearts reconfirmed my belief in them as one of the most original, imaginative & beautiful bands in the country."
Auditorium cover
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Radar Bros.
[ Longtime Listener Records / CD - released 7/Apr/2008 ]
'Auditorium' is an astonishingly engaging and confident recording - the product of a band finding comfort in themselves and their art, but never failing to challenge each other throughout the process.