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Pegasus cover
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The Phoenix Foundation
[ Mushroom Records New Zealand / CD - released 3/May/2005 ]
The sophomore album from this six-piece Wellington band, 'Pegasus' is already garnering high acclaim! "Nothing short of brilliant." - Pulp
Twoism cover
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2-6 weeks
Boards of Canada
[ Warp Records / CD - released 16/Dec/2002 ]
Classic electronic album re-issue! Calming yet unnerving ethereal soundscapes
The Jingle King cover
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2-6 weeks
The Jingle King
[ Paydirt Music New Zealand / CD - released 16/Mar/2009 ]
Alongside the inclusion of The Jingle King himself to their line-up, Cassette founding members Tom Watson (Head Like a Hole) & Craig Terris (Hell is Other People) are joined by Luke Buda, David Fraser & Andrew Bain on the album
Special Surprise cover
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2-6 weeks
Luke Buda
Special Surprise
[ Arch Hill Recordings New Zealand / CD - released 4/Apr/2006 ]
Luke Buda (of The Phoenix Foundation) has a unique melodic aptitude, a soft spot for lush synthy excess and a lolloping rhythmic charm - some absurdly good future New Zealand pop.