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Old Ideas (Gold Series) cover
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Leonard Cohen
Old Ideas (Gold Series)
[ Columbia Records / CD - released 30/Jan/2012 ]
Lauded poet Leonard Cohen's first studio album in eight years is the latest in an esteemed career spanning six decades.
Wreck & Ruin (Deluxe Edition) cover
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2-6 weeks
Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson
Wreck & Ruin (Deluxe Edition)
[ Liberation Music / 2 CD - released 7/Sep/2012 ]
This special edition of 'Wreck & Ruin' features deluxe packaging and includes a second disc of songs from Kasey and Shane.
Psychedelic Pill cover
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2-6 weeks
Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Psychedelic Pill
[ Warner Bros. / 2 CD - released 26/Oct/2012 ]
Recorded immediately after 'Americana' this 2CD set features Neil Young and Crazy Horse jamming out some huge psychedelic numbers!