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The Marbecks story…

Emerging from the tough times of the Great Depression, Alfred Marbeck and his wife Eily bought into a music store here in Auckland. They soon became the sole owners and moved to the Queens Arcade. Thus, “Marbecks” was born.

Undeterred by the rocky economy, the business began to flourish. Initially it was centred on musical instruments and sheet music, as this was the main source of home entertainment. Shortly after came the first recorded music: wax cylinders, followed by another rarity today, 78s. The first shipment of these came out of England and was sold in a day!

Marbecks has always had a strong family support network ensuring the business’ success. Firstly Murray, the son of Eily and Alfie joined, followed by his brother Haydn. In the 70’s Murray’s son Roger joined. Roger retired from retail in 2006 but continued to supply the classical market through Ode Records.

In 2013 the Marbeck family continues to set the standard for NZ music retailing through the acquisition of “Marbecks Classical, Jazz and Specialist Imports”. Celebrating the 80th year in the Queens Arcade, Marbecks have created a music lovers paradise that is easily the most diverse retailer of classical music in NZ.

Marbecks Classical, Jazz and Specialist Imports is designed to cater not only to the connoisseurs of classical music, but more to what our customers want in their store encompassing Jazz, Audio Books, World Music, International Film and interesting imports we think you will adore.

Let’s face it… We are all passionate about music, and that’s why we’re here!