English Poets, Russian Romances

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English Poets, Russian Romances
Vassily Savenko (bass-baritone) Alexander Blok (piano)

[ Hyperion / CD ]

Release Date: Sunday 16 September 2001

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'Russian composers have set many English poems to music, and here we have some of the best' (Classic FM Magazine)

'Even more impressive than their two previous collections … a CD that merits a very strong recommendation' (Fanfare)

'Russian composers have set many English poems to music, and here we have some of the best' (Classic FM Magazine)

Here is a third disc of Russian songs by these artists to follow 'Russian Images' I and II (CDA67105 & CDA67205). It is devoted to Russian settings of verse originally in the English language, bearing witness to the enduring effect on the Russian imagination of English sensibility, particularly as expressed in its lyric poetry. Some of Russia's greatest writers - Tolstoy, Pushkin, Lermontov, Balmont, Pasternak and others - translated the verses of Shakespeare, Byron and Shelley. All are represented on this CD in settings by composers familiar (Glinka, Rimsky-Korsakov, Rachmaninov, Shostakovich) and not so familiar (Taneyev, Lyatoshinsky, Kabalevsky). Four of Shakespeare's sonnets are included in settings by Shostakovich and Kabalevsky, and a number of Shelley's poems set by Arensky, Taneyev, Rachmaninov and Lyatoshinsky.
The CD booklet includes the original English verses along with Russian transliterations.


ANTON ARENSKY (1861-1906)
Recollection (Vospominaniye) Suite Op 71, 1905 (Bal'mont/Shelley)
Now the last day of many days (Iz divnykh dney) [2'41]
We wander'd to the pine forest (Nad morem spal sosnovy les) [2'02]
We paused amid the pines that stood (Drug s drugom sosny obnyalis') [2'09]
How calm it was! (Kak tikho vsyo!) [2'17]
We paused beside the pools that lie (I dolgo myi, sklonivshi vzor) [4'43]

Sun of the sleepless (Nespyashchikh solntse, grustnaya zvezda) Op 41 No 1, 1897 (A Tolstoy/Byron) [2'08]
In moments to delight devoted (V poryve nezhnosti serdechnoy) Op 26 No 1, 1882 (Kozlov/Byron) [0'59]
Zuleika's Song (Pesnya Zyuleyki) Op 26 No 4, 1882 (Kozlov/Byron) [1'49]

MIKHAIL GLINKA (1804-1857)
I am here, Inezilla (Ya zdes', Inezil'ya) 1834 (Pushkin/Cornwall) [1'42]
Mary (Meri) 1849 (Pushkin/Cornwall) [1'28]

MILY BALAKIREV (1837-1910)
Hebrew Melody (Yevreyskaya Melodiya) 1859 (Lermontov/Byron) [1'53]

Tsar Saul: Song of Saul before battle (Pes'n Saula pered boyem) 1863 (Kozlov/Byron) [2'37]

ANTON ARENSKY (1861-1906)
In an album (V al'bome) Op 49 No 4, 1809 (Lermontov/Byron) [2'07]
I fear thy kisses (Ya lask tvoikh strashus') (Bal'mont/Shelley) [1'40]

SERGEI TANEYEV (1856-1915)
The Islet (Ostrovok) Op 17 No 1, 1905 (Bal'mont/Shelley) [2'37]
My thoughts arise and fade (Mechty v odinochestve vyanut) Op 17 No 2, 1905 (Bal'mont/Shelley) [1'11]
Music, when soft voices die (Pust' otsvuchit) Op 17 No 3, 1905 (Bal'mont/Shelley) [2'29]
The star of blessed dreams (Blazhennykh snov ushla zvezda) Op 17 No 4, 1905 (Bal'mont/Shelley) [2'35]

The Islet (Ostrovok) Op 14 No 2, 1896 (Bal'mont/Shelley) [2'38]

Time long past (Minuvshiye dni) Op 14 No 4, 1924 (Bal'mont/Shelley) [3'09]
Ozymandias (Ozymandiya) Sonnet Op 15, 1924 (Bal'mont/Shelley) [4'22]

The King's Campaign (Korolevski pokhod) Op 62 No 6, 1942 (Marshak/Traditional) [0'50]
Sonnet 66 (Sonnet 66) Op 62 No 5, 1942 (Pasternak/Shakespeare) [2'42]

Sonnet 27 Op 52 No 2 (Marshak/Shakespeare) [2'11]
Sonnet 153 Op 52 No 5 (Marshak/Shakespeare) [2'30]
Sonnet 8 Op 52 No 7 (Marshak/Shakespeare) [2'59