Canciones espanolas

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Canciones espanolas
Deborah Wai Kapohe (soprano) David Harper (piano)

[ Trust / CD ]

Release Date: Tuesday 5 March 2002

Deborah Wai Kapohe sings a programme of classical Spanish songs

"From the outset of our working relationship Deborah showed a distinct flair for the Spanish classical song repertoire. We have long pondered on the reason for this but are unable to come to any satisfactory conclusion - occasionally, one just connects in some strange instinctive way with a particular foreign language and culture. This was my own experience when I went to London in 1967.

The first real friends I made there (fellow students, and co-waiters in restaurants) happened to be Spanish, and I decided to learn their language for no particular reason at all except that I was hearing it around me every day.

I subsequently visited Spain countless times and became a rather fluent speaker, growing to love Spanish music - both flamenco and classical - with a deep and abiding passion.

What a thrill it was to find in Deborah a fellow antipodean artist who shared the same passion for this rich and colourful language and its vast classical song repertoire. It seemed inevitable, therefore, that we should decide to record our interpretations of some of these wonderful songs when we were invited by Trust Records to undertake this, our first recording together.

I have enjoyed a long and intense connection with many of the songs we have chosen, having had the opportunity to perform them with a great variety of singers over the years. Some, however, such as the Sephardin Songs by Rodrigo I didn't know at all; Deborah came across them herself when she was in Spain - and what a discovery for both of us!

We hope that our particular selection on this CD will give as much pleasure and satisfaction to the listener as we ourselves gained in its preparation and recording."

"Through music I have met many inspirational people of all ages, nationalities, beliefs and walks of life. I thank music for this gift to me.

If I were to name all those who I wish to thank I would need a book - as the saying goes, no man is an island. From my early years I needed encouragement and help to attend music lessons. I wish to thank my family, especially my Mum and Nana for their unconditional love and support. Thank you to all of my music teachers of all instruments and at all stages in my development; the community of Southland, and, above all, thank you to the Invercargill Brass Band for encouraging me to sing in public.

I wish to thank God that I was born in New Zealand. I am of the belief that one is only limited here by one's imagination and belief in oneself. My guitar teacher Dr Sue Court believed that if I wanted I could have a career in music. The day she identified that to me was one of the happiest of my life, as I had decided that if she said I could - then I would! Thank you, Sue, for those words, and thank you to this country for your support. A life making music is a most wonderful life.

I wish to thank the team at Trust for this CD and your commitment to me. Thank you especially to Lloyd and Ross for your time, belief and patience, and to Murray who produced this recording.

I wish to thank 'the team' - David Harper (vocal coach and accompanist) and Jamie Bull (manager) - you are beyond words.
Thank you to my Spanish sister Tina who introduced me to the brilliant world of Spain and her family in Australia. Thank you to my friends in Spain. This CD is yours.

Finally I wish to thank my own family - Michael, Alyssa and Portia."



Xavier Montsalvatge
Cinco Canciones Negras (12:22)
1 Cuba Dentro de un Piano (4:34)
2 Punto de Habanera (1:51)
3 Chévere (1:58)
4 Canción de Cuna para Dormir a un Negrito (2:45)
5 Canto Negro (1:15)

Fernando Obradors
from Canciones Clásicas Españolas, Vol. 1 (12:21)
6 La mi sola, Laureola… (3:01)
7 Al Amor (1:02)
8 El Majo Celoso (2:38)
9 Con amores, la mi madre… (1:45)
10 Dos Cantares Populares (1:12)
11 Coplas de Curro Dulce (2:40)

Jesús Guridi
Seis Canciones Castellanas 17:51
12 Allá arriba en aquella montaña 2:44
13 ¡Sereno! 2:44
14 Llámale con el pañuelo 2:17
15 No quiero tus avellañzs 3:58
16 Cómo quieres que adivine… 3:00
17 Mañanita de San Juan 3:26

Joaquín Rodrigo
Cuatro Canciones Sefardíes 10:26
18 Respóndemos 3:15
19 Una pastora yo ami 2:27
20 Nani, nani (Canción de cuna) 3:49
21 "Morena" me llaman 0:54

Enrique Granados
from Tonadillas 8:42
22 Amor y Odio 2:26
23 El Majo Timido 0:53
24 El Tra la la y el Punteado 1:16
25 El Mirar de la Maja 2:27
26 El Majo Discreto 1:39