Banks: Seven - A Suite for Orchestra

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Banks: Seven - A Suite for Orchestra
Tony Banks / London Philharmonic Orchestra / Mike Dixon (conductor)

[ Naxos / CD ]

Release Date: Wednesday 26 October 2005

"Banks has a genuine melodic gift... The LPO under Mike Dixon play sympathetically and often ardently, and the woodwind relish Simon Hale's many piquant touches of colour."
- Ivan March, Gramophone, 05/04

"To those whose musical horizons traverse the world of both classical and rock music the name of Tony Banks will need no introduction... the lengthy pieces that were an integral part of Genesis in the first ten years or so of their existence showed a feeling for structure and thematic organization that Banks has clearly retained and put to effective use in this new project... Banks employed the orchestration skills of Simon Hale in realising his ideas and although there was no doubt a degree of collaboration involved in the outcome, the result is admirably cogent and natural, aided by some atmospheric orchestral sound... Its conservative yet appealing melodic content should ensure that it has a place in the collections of many with a leaning towards the lighter side of the classical repertoire and film music. Indeed, the quality of the melodic invention should not be taken lightly. There is music here that has the ability to make a lingering impression."
- Christopher Thomas,


Seven - A Suite for Orchestra
01. Spring Tide 10:12
02. Black Down 09:45
03. The Gateway 07:31
04. The Ram 08:52
05. Earthlight 04:43
06. Neap Tide 04:58
07. The Spirit of Gravity 11:38