Lieder (Songs)

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Lieder (Songs)
Susan Gritton (Soprano), Eugene Asti (piano)

[ Hyperion Helios / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 1 March 2013

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'[Fanny Mendelssohn's] reputation deserves the kind of boost this excellent disc offers. Both Eugene Asti and Susan Gritton get to the heart of these pieces.' (BBC Music Magazine)

'Pleasant, delightful ... an excellent record: enterprising programmes, fresh young artists, fine presentation, typical Hyperion.' (Gramophone)

'Beautiful, direct, simple and memorable new song[s] ... Asti provides the beautifully limpid, balanced accompaniment you imagine Fanny herself might have played.' (International Record Review)

Fanny Mendelssohn, Felix's older sister, has been long and unjustly overlooked as a serious composer, despite a considerable and impressive output comprising numerous piano pieces, duets, trios, choral works, chamber music for different instruments, an overture, an oratorio, several major cantatas - and innumerable songs. She was writing music at a time when it was considered unsuitable for a woman from the upper middle classes to have ambitions as a professional musician. Despite her gifts and desire for recognition, throughout most of her life Fanny respected the prevailing conventions and the wishes of her family, and accepted the prescribed role of a cultivated Berlin lady of her time.

This CD is devoted to nearly 30 of her beautiful songs, most of them appearing on disc for the first time. The poets include Goethe, Heine, Eichendorff, Rückert, Lenau and Geibel, most of whom were known to her personally. This CD has been a 'labour of love' for the two artists, Susan Gritton and Eugene Asti, who have together written the extensive booklet notes.


'Italien' Felix Mendelssohn's Op 8 No 3 (Grillparzer) [2'07]
Ferne Op 9 No 2 (Tieck) [2'24]
Der Maiabend Op 9 No 5 (Voss) [1'21]
Der Rosenkranz Op 9 No 3 (Voss) [2'36]
Die Schiffende (Hölty) [2'55]
Die frühen Gräber Op 9 No 4 (Klopstock) [3'44]
Die Ersehnte Op 9 No 1 (Hölty) [2'11]
Schwanenlied Op 1 No 1 (Heine) [2'48]
Wanderlied Op 1 No 2 (Goethe) [1'49]
Warum sind denn die Rosen so blass Op 1 No 3 (Heine) [2'21]
Suleika (Willemer) [3'05]
Ich wandelte unter den Bäumen (Heine) [3'34]
Die Mainacht Op 9 No 6 (Hölty) [3'07]
Maienlied Op 1 No 4 (Eichendorff) [1'46]
Gondellied Op 1 No 6 (Geibel) [3'47]
Morgenständchen Op 1 No 5 (Eichendorff) [2'00]
Nachtwanderer Op 7 No 1 (Eichendorff) [2'19]
Erwin Op 7 No 2 (Goethe) [2'01]
Frühling Op 7 No 3 (Eichendorff) [1'38]
Du bist die Ruh Op 7 No 4 (Rückert) [2'36]
Bitte Op 7 No 5 (Lenau) [1'48]
Dein ist mein Herz Op 7 No 6 (Lenau) [2'46]
Traum (Eichendorff) [3'05]
Dämmrung senkte sich von oben (Goethe) [2'25]
Nach Süden Op 10 No 1 (anonymous) [2'04]
Vorwurf Op 10 No 2 (Lenau) [2'55]
Abendbild Op 10 No 3 (Lenau) [2'15]
Im Herbste Op 10 No 4 (Geibel) [2'42]
Bergeslust Op 10 No 5 (Eichendorff) [1'44]