The Essential Andreas Scholl

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The Essential Andreas Scholl
Andreas Scholl (Counter-tenor) with Andreas Martin (lute) / Ensemble 415 / Akademie fur Alte Musik Berlin

[ Harmonia Mundi / 3 CD ]

Release Date: Friday 1 December 2006

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"Scholl is pre-eminent among today's countertenors for the fine quality, roundness and power of his voice as well as for the artistry of its usage. In this new recital, the sheer opulence of tone impresses afresh."


CD 1
Concerto ripienoen
Cantate "Cessate, omai cessate" RV 684
Sonata a quatro "Al Santo Sepolcro" RV 130
Introduzione al miserere "Filiae Maestae Jerusalem" RV 638
Stabat Mater RV 621

CD 2
English Folksongs & Lute Songs
1 Behold a wonder here John Dowland 3'04
2 Me, me and none but me John Dowland 3'10
3 All ye, whom Love or Fortune hath betray'd John Dowland 4'54
4 The Lady Russell's pavan (for lute) John Dowland 5'24
5 The Three Ravens Anonymous 3'18
6 Waly, waly Anonymous 3'09
7 King Henry Anonymous 3'13
8 Kemp's jigg (for lute) Anonymous 1'43
9 My sweetest Lesbia Thomas Campion 3'51
10 I care not for these Ladies Thomas Campion 2'36
11 My love hath vow'd Thomas Campion 2'58
12 I saw my lady weep John Dowland 4'04
13 Flow, my tears John Dowland 4'04
14 Sorrow, stay John Dowland 3'55
15 Say, Love, if ever thou didst find John Dowland 1'24
16 Can she excuse my wrongs? John Dowland 2'30
17 Go from my window John Dowland 0'37
18 Go from my window (for lute) John Dowland 4'47
19 I will give my love an apple Anonymous 1'46
20 Barbara Allen Anonymous 3'08
21 Lord Rendall Anonymous 5'36

CD 3
Ombra mai fù
Airs, scènes célèbres et musique instrumentale