The Unknown Lover

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The Unknown Lover
Gothic Voices

[ AVIE / CD ]

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The program contains all the works attributed to Solage, as well as a couple that may be his on stylistic grounds. All come from the Chantilly Codex, where he is the most-represented composer.


Solage: Le Basile (4 voices)
Machaut: Mors sui, se je ne vous voy (2 voices)
Solage: En l'amoureux vergier (3 voices)
Machaut: Quant je sui mis au retour (voice)
Solage: Tres gentil cuer (3 voices)
Solage: Fumeux fume par fumee (3 voices)
Solage: Joieux de cuer (4 voices)
Machaut: Dame se vous m'estes lonteinne (voice)
Solage: Adieu vous di (3 voices)
Machaut: Plus dure que un dyamant (2 voices)
Solage: Corps feminin (3 voices)
Solage: S'aincy estoit (3 voices)
Solage: Pluseurs gens (4 voices)
Machaut: Douce dame, tant com vivray (2 voices)
Solage: Le mont Aön de Trace (3 voices)
Machaut: Se je souspir parfondement (voice)
Solage: Calextone, qui fut dame (3 voices)
Machaut: Dieus, Biaute, Douceur, Nature (voice)
Solage: Helas! je voy mon cuer (4 voices)