Puhake ki te rangi

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Puhake ki te rangi
Richard Nunns (taonga puoro) Alexa Still (flute) / New Zealand String Quartet

[ Atoll / 2 CD/DVD ]

Release Date: Saturday 22 December 2007

"In 1989, I heard for the first time, in a presentation given by Richard Nunns, the sounds of the taonga puoro (singing treasures), which spoke to me very strongly of the spirituality of my Maori heritage. I began working with these instruments several years later, and I have found myself drawn to explore in my own language the world of sound that might have surrounded pre-European Maori. Though the function of the instruments was of course very different in that world, I have tried to use them in a way that does relate to their traditional use."


1 Puhake ki te rangi - Richard Nunns with the New Zealand String Quartet 15:50
2 Hineraukatauri - Richard Nunns with Alexa Still 10:08
3 Hinetekakara - Richard Nunns with Tuhonohono and Aroha Yates-Smith, Ashley Brown cello, Ben Hoadley bassoon, Ingrid Culliford & Alexa Still flutes 14:55
4 Hineputehue - Richard Nunns with the New Zealand String Quartet 18:30
Total Duration 59:59

DVD Produced by Wild Iris Productions
1 Puhake ki te rangi - Introduction by Richard Nunns 2:00
2 Puhake ki te rangi - Complete recording session performance 16:00