Complete Vocal Music [6 CD set plus CD Rom]

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Complete Vocal Music [6 CD set plus CD Rom]
Ana Maria Martinez, Fabiola Masino, Nuria Rial (sopranos) Jose Antonio Lopez (baritone) / Orfeon Terra a Nosa, Orquestra Real Filharmonia de Galicia

[ Brilliant Classics / 7 CD Box Set ]

Release Date: Wednesday 1 December 2010

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Rodrigo's songs span the whole of his long creative life and, like much of his output, is inspired by Spanish traditional music. It ranges over intimate settings for piano (or guitar), chamber ensembles and full orchestral accompaniments. Famous across the world as the composer of the Concierto de Aranjuez, Rodrigo has much more to offer and delight than this one beautiful guitar concerto. The songs include the official works commissioned by government ministries, and the reflective settings of Spanish poetry.

This set is a huge treasure trove of delightful, picturesque and acute responses to Spanish poetry, ranging from intimate songs to grand declamations on the scale of oratorio: all marked by Rodrigo's ready gift for melody and ear for instrumental colour. Many of these recordings are unique in terms of repertoire, and most have not been available for some years. They have never been presented together, and now form a hugely important plank in the ambitious project to issue the oeuvre of one of the most important and best loved composers of the 20th century.


CD 1
· Cántico de la esposa
· Cuatro madrigales amatorios
· Coplas del pastor enamorado
· Retablo de Navidad
· La espera
· Doce Canciones españolas
· Cuatro canciones sefardíes
· En Aranjuez, con tu amor

CD 2
· Romancillo
· Canción del cucú
· Fino cristal
· Sobre el cupey
· Esta niña se lleva la flor
· Estribillo
· Canción del grumete
· Soneto
· Canticel
· Cançò del Teuladì
· ¡Un home, San Antonio!
· Barcarola
· La grotte
· Líricas castellanas
· Romance de Durandarte
· Folías canarias
· Aranjuez, ma pensée

CD 3
· Despedida de Azucena
· Canciones de dos épocas
· Dos poemas de Juan Ramón Jiménez
· Dos canciones para cantar a los niños
· Primavera
· Con Antonio Machado

CD 4
· Cántico de la esposa
· Tríptico de Mossèn Cinto
· Romance del Comendador de Ocaña Serranilla
· Retablo de Navidad
· Canciones de Navidad
· Cantos de amor y de guerra
· Cuatro madrigales amatorios

CD 5
· Rosaliana
· Quatro Cançons en Ilengua catalana
· Cánticos nupciales
· Tres canciones sefardíes
· Jo tinc un burro
· Ave Mariá
· Tres Canciones Ligeras

CD 6
· Ausencias de Dulcinea
· Música para un códice salmantino
· Himnos de los neófitos de Qumrán
· Cántico de San Franciso de Asís

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