Putumayo Presents - Arabic Beat

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Various Artists
Putumayo Presents - Arabic Beat

[ Putumayo World Music / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 10 August 2012

Putumayo's Arabic Beat is the result of a three-year effort in curating, deliberating, and choosing material that reflects the vast depth and breadth of modern Arab music. All the artists featured here are well-known throughout the Arab world and its global communities, but are ciphers to the rest of the world -- despite the fact that many of them reside in the West. Highlights include the driving 21st century raks sharki (belly dancing music) of Syrian-born singer Zein Al-Jund's "Ajmal Gharam," Watcha Clan's hypermodern read of Marcel Khalife's "Osfour," and Algerian songwriter DJamel Laroussi's "Kifiach Hilti.,"


Kifach Hilti - Djamel Laroussi
Lirah - Ali Slimani
Narbat - Nour
Sidi H'bibi - Jalal El Hamdoui
Saab Alyia - Samira Sa'id
Osfour - Watcha Clan
Itim - Ahmed Soultan
Rai Mtelefni - Choubene
Ajmal Gharam - Zein Al-Jundi
Lala Torkia - Cheb Amar