Buxtehude: Complete Harpsichord Music

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Buxtehude: Complete Harpsichord Music
Simone Stella (harpsichord)

[ Brilliant Classics / 4 CD Box Set ]

Release Date: Monday 30 January 2012

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Dietrich Buxtehude (c.1637-1707) spent his career working as an organist in churches, but was also a prolific composer of secular instrumental music and wrote far more for harpsichord than most composers of his era.

Buxtehude's position in Lübeck and fame as an organist brought him into contact with many of the greatest musicians of his day, and his style demonstrates the variety of musical influences that he was exposed to, particularly from German and Italian repertoire, which he combined to create a unique personal style.

This set of 4 CDs collects together Buxtehude's complete music for harpsichord, including suites in the popular French style, several works that can be played effectively on both organ and harpsichord (including preludes, fugues, canzonas and choral elaborations), and variations on arias, which showcase the composer's creativity and ability to compose music in a variety of styles.

Among the works featured are two new authentic harpsichord suites, discovered in 2004 and 2005, and the monumental La Capricciosa, one of the largest and most innovative solo keyboard works of the 17th century. Performed by Simone Stella, who has previously played Buxtehude's complete organ music in a series of concerts, this collection is a comprehensive overview of the harpsichord music of a composer seen by many as J.S. Bach's true predecessor.

"here we have an Italian eager to touch base with his inner Teuton, as Stella sets well-ordered lucidity above unfettered flamboyance. Indeed, he sometimes misses the edgy danger Koopman brings to Buxtehude's boldest strokes, but he's an unfailingly intelligent and revealing guide to a body of work that cries out to be better known." BBC Music

"you can hardly go wrong with Stella's performances which are very good. He uses the harpsichord well and explores its various stops, mostly in a convincing and stylistically appropriate manner." MusicWeb


Aria Rofilis in d BuxWV 248
Suite in G BuxWV 240
Suite in E Minor, BuxWV 237
Courante in D minor BuxWV Anh.6
Suite in D, BuxWV 234
Suite in D, BuxWV 232
Auf meinen lieben Gott BuxWV 179
Suite in C, BuxWV 230
Gigue Suite in G, BuxWV 242
Canzona in C BuxWV 166
Aria: More Palatino, Variatio 1 - 12, BuxWV 247
Suite in G minor, BuxWV 241
Suite in C, BuxWV 228
Suite in A Minor, BuxWV deest
Suite in A, BuxWV 243
Suite in D Minor, BuxWV 234a
Suite in C Major, BuxWV 229
Praeludium in G minor, BuxWV 163
Aria in C, BuxWV 246
Suite in E, BuxWV 235
Air with Two Variations in A minor, BuxWV 249
Suite in F Major, BuxWV 239
Suite in C, BuxWV 226
Canzonetta in D Minor, BuxWV 168
Suite in A Minor, BuxWV 244
Suite in C, BuxWV 231
Toccata in G, BuxWV 165
Courant simble in A minor, BuxWV 245
Suite in F, BuxWV 238
Suite in D, BuxWV 233
Suite in C Bux 227
Suite in E BuxWV 236
La Capricciosa - 32 Variations on the 'Bergamasca', BuxWV 250