Ravel, Tchaikovsky & Rachmaninov

Ravel, Tchaikovsky & Rachmaninov cover
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Ravel, Tchaikovsky & Rachmaninov
Puertas Quartet

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Release Date: Monday 20 January 2014

These four skilled musicians carry a wealth of experience between them and a common musical heritage unites the the group. Having met whilst studying and working in London, the quartet was formed in 2009. The two married couples met in London, but now live almost 12,000 miles apart. Despite this, their passion and love for chamber music always brings them back together for instense periods of music-making.


1-4 Ravel String Quartet in F Major
5-8 Tchaikovsky String Quartet No 1 in D Major
9 Rachmaninov Romance from String Quartet No. 1