The 'Lost' Episodes

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The 'Lost' Episodes
Tony Hancock with Ray Galton & Alan Simpson

[ BBC Audio / CD ]

Release Date: Thursday 6 August 2009

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This title presents two rediscovered episodes of the classic radio series, plus a duo of bonus programmes from the BBC archive: "The Blackboard Jungle" and "The New Secretary" (original version), "In Conversation With...Galton and Simpson" and "Six Characters in Search of an Answer: Tony Hancock". "The Blackboard Jungle" sees Hancock playing a young English master, attempting to tame a class of unruly pupils. Can he win their respect - or will he be distracted by an attractive female teacher? In "The New Secretary", Hancock decides his life is in a mess, so Sid suggests he get a secretary to organise him: ideally a blonde, Anita Ekberg lookalike. But they are both very surprised by who turns up. The master of misery is supported by a star cast including Sid James, Bill Kerr, Kenneth Williams and Hattie Jacques. Also included is a bonus disc containing: "In Conversation With...Galton and Simpson" from 2001, and "Six Characters in Search of an Answer: Tony Hancock" from 2003, which explores the character of Hancock in detail. '...distinctively, hilariously Hancock' - "Bournemouth Daily Echo".


The Blackboard Jungle (broadcast 1955)
The New Secretary (original version, broadcast 1956)
In Conversation with...Galton and Simpson (2001)
Six Characters in Search of an Answer: Tony Hancock (2003)