Symphony No 4 "Stations"

Symphony No 4 "Stations" cover
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Symphony No 4 "Stations"
Christchurch Symphony Orchestra, Tom Woods, with Jenny Wollerman (soprano)

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Release Date: Monday 10 November 2014

Anthony Ritchie's Symphony No. 4 was written for the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra, and dedicated to "those in Christchurch who have suffered in the [2010/2011] earthquakes". The work's principal point of reference is a publication entitled The Way of the Cross, which brought together images of the 14 controversial sculptures that Llew Summers crafted for the Christchurch Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in 2000.


1 "I am very small" 5:18
2 "My Terrors" 1:21
3 "I am a man who wakes up from a dream" 3:13
4 "She weepeth" 2:56
5 "The young men have ceased from their musick" 3:30
6 "Wide eyed, I have looked into the abyss" 1:06
7 "My back curves like a whale breaching" 4:00
8 "The women are like a halo around me" 3:52
9 "The wood is a hammer" 2:49
10 "Now I am as when I entered this world" 2:56
11 "My arm is a road through suffering and pain" 1:50
12 "Why have you abandoned me?" 2:21
13 "For one split second everything holds its breath" 4:37
14 "light flickering on the horizon" 2:38