Exhibition on Screen: Vermeer and music - the Art of Love and Leisure

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Exhibition on Screen: Vermeer and music - the Art of Love and Leisure
From the National Gallery, London

[ Seventh Art Productions DVD / DVD ]

Release Date: Tuesday 10 February 2015

Johannes Vermeer is a fascinating painter whose life and works are explored here in amazing detail. Filmed in London's National Gallery, New York's Met and other galleries in the USA and the Netherlands, this stunning film delves into a breath-taking collection of Vermeer's finest pieces and delivers a detailed biography of the artist, his life and times. An exposition of period musical pursuits is blended with the art of Vermeer and his contemporaries. Live music from the Academy of Ancient Music serves as a beautiful soundtrack to the wonderful sight of Vermeer's paintings.

Tim Marlow, world-renowned art historian and broadcaster, guides us through the artwork and delivers a first-rate biography of Vermeer. He invites comments from leading fine art authorities and from Tracy Chevalier, whose best-selling novel, inspired by Vermeer, was made into the block buster movie, Girl with a Pearl Earring.

The National Gallery's exhibition has now closed and many pieces are too fragile ever to travel again but all this can still be enjoyed from the comfort of your home.

'Grabsky's film is comprehensive, smart and highly informative.' The Art Newspaper

'A treat for the eyes' Globe and Mail, Canada.

The DVD only contains subtitles in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian plus bonus excerpts and interviews.

'The point here is added value and a sense of participation for those at a far remove or who were simply unable to attend…leaving the views feeling as if they have gained a greater understanding of what they missed on the ground. Grabsky's film is comprehensive, smart and highly informative - and, in the absence of the show on your doorstep, a very fair substitute for the real thing'
Iain Millar, the Art Newspaper

'Stunning paintings in high-definition glory on the big screen'
This is London

'If you didn't love Dutch art before this film, you certainly would afterwards. And if you, like me, already love it, it would double the pleasure'

'Superb photography'
David Parkinson, the Oxford Times