Aroha - Ahava

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Aroha - Ahava
Jonathan Besser & Mere Boynton

[ Besser / Boynton / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 13 March 2015

Aroha - Ahava is a beautiful musical conversation of art songs for voice and chamber group that weaves a journey through Jewish and Māori beliefs and expressions of aroha and ahava (love).

Featuring accomplished composer Jonathan Besser and singer Mere Boynton, Aroha-Ahava creates an evocative song taniko/tapestry made up of dark texts and earthy rich melodies that celebrate love in all its guises, love of a man or woman, love of the land and also the sensuous and mystical quality of erotic desire as expressed in the Songs of Soloman.

Charmain Keay - violin
Chris O'Connor - percussion and drums
John Bell - vibraphone
Jonathan Besser - harmonium
Maree Thom - bass and accordian
Mere Boynton - vocalist
Iselta Allison - viola


From Knowledge (Besser/Runi)
How You Love to Gaze (Besser/Soloman)
A Soft Peace (Besser)
His Hands Are Golden Rods (Besser/Soloman)
Kiss Me My Darling (Besser/Soloman)
Light Pressure Building (Besser)
It's My Belief (Besser)
I Sleep But My Heart Waketh (Besser/Soloman)
Would Not Let Him Go (Besser/Soloman)
Oh Soloman (Besser/Soloman)

Watch the video for Light Pressure Building via Youtube