The Poet Sings

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The Poet Sings
Cary Ratcliff / Shawn Kirchner / Donald Grantham / Craig Hella Johnson

[ Harmonia Mundi USA / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 11 September 2015

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Craig Hella Johnson leads Conspirare in this vibrant tribute to revered Chilean poet and statesman Pablo Neruda (1904-1973), whose life-affirming poetry is the inspiration for these captivating choral settings by Donald Grantham,

Shawn Kirchner and Cary Ratcliff, all recorded here for the first time.

"In this recording, Conspirare focuses its attention and exploration on the greatly revered Chilean poet Pablo Neruda (1904-1973), whose poems have stirred souls around the world. I have heard more than one passionate reader exclaim "Neruda IS music!" Neruda's personal universe and the many realms of feeling, color and texture he envisaged with his words have inspired many artists to respond with new creations. It is our hope that the extraordinary musical settings by Cary Ratcliff, Shawn Kirchner, and Donald Grantham can serve as a conduit for an ever deepening experience with this sublime and powerful poetry. For the uninitiated, may it serve as a portal to his art." Craig Hella Johnson


Ode to Common Things
1. i. Oda a las Cosas 10'22
2. ii. Oda a la Cama 5'25
3. iii. Oda a la Guitarra 12'45
4. iv. Oda a las Tijeras 5'47
5. v. Oda al Pan 12'24
6. Soneto 53: Tu sangre en la mia 3'30
7. Soneto 52: Tu voz 4'43
8. La canción desesperada 18'57