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Complete Organ Music
Manuel Tomadin (Schnitger Organ of St Michaëlskerk, Zwolle, The Netherlands)

[ Brilliant Classics / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 6 May 2016

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This new recording features the magnificent Schnitger organ of the St. Michael Church in Zwolle, the Netherlands. It was built in 1721 by Arp Schnitger and his sons, and after careful restoration over the last decades by Flentrop the organ is restored in its full glory, one of the finest examples of the Golden Age of organ building, the Baroque.

The works on this recording are derived from the Husumer Orgelbuch (Husum organ book), a collection of organ works by North German major and minor masters. Presented are substantial Preludes by Georg Wilhelm Saxer, Choralvorspiele by Daniel Erich and two Concertos by Wolfgang Druckenmüller, written in the Italian style, as original compositions and not as transcriptions of Italian Concerti grossi, as was the custom of that period.

Manuel Tomadin is one of the foremost Italian organists, a scholar, teacher and passionate musician. He won the Grand Prix of the Schnitger Organ Competition of Alkmaar in 2011, and recorded several CD's for Brilliant Classics, among which the complete keyboard works by Alberti
(BC95161). He wrote the excellent liner notes for the booklet, which also contains all information on the organ.


Daniel Erich 1649-1712
1 Christum wir sollen loben schon 2'01
2 Es ist das Heil uns kommen her 1'23
3 Allein zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ 0'50

Christoph Wolfgang Druckenmüller 1687-1741
Praeludium et Ciaccona in D
4 Praeludium 1'09
5 Ciaccona 1'58

Concerto in A
6 I. Allegro 4'12
7 II. Siciliana 3'18
8 III. Vivace 4'59

Concerto in F
9 I. Allegro 4'27
10 II. Adagio 3'14
11 III. Vivace 2'26

Concerto in D
12 I. Allegro 3'54
13 II. Largo 3'22
14 III. Vivace 4'40

Concerto in G
15 I. Allegro 8'35
16 II. Adagio 4'11
17 III. Allegro 1'52

Georg Wilhelm Dietrich Saxer d.1740
18 Praeludium in D 4'00
19 Praeludium in B flat 1'37
20 Praeludium in F 1'02
21 Praeludium in D 0'45
22 Praeludium in E minor