Citizen Of Glass

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Citizen Of Glass
Agnes Obel

[ Liberation Music / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 21 October 2016

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Third album from acclaimed Danish artist, Agnes Obel, hailed around the world for her classical approach to music.

Citizen of Glass is the follow up to her first two hugely successful albums Philharmonics (2010) and Aventine (2013).

The new collection conceptually and thematically revolves around the transparency symbolised by the ubiquitous substance.

Of the album, Agnes said, "Glass is a material which is both strong, fragile and transparent all at once. It's very relevant for our time and it's very relevant for me. But generally speaking, it's a theme relevant for everyone, not just those making music or art. One constantly uses oneself and one's surroundings as material. One makes oneself transparent."

Agnes Obel has also brought instruments onto Citizen of Glass that are fresh ground for the musician herself, all sourced from a German museum of music. Together they produce a haunting quality. Old and new instruments and sounds - glass harps, the mellotron, the vibraphone, the luthéal piano and the cembalo, a harpsichord from the Renaissance - mix blood with Agnes Obel's simple piano and vocals.


1. Stretch Your Eyes
2. Familiar
3. Red Virgin Soil
4. It's Happening Again
5. Stone
6. Trojan Horses
7. Citizen Of Glass
8. Golden Green
9. Grasshopper
10. Mary

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