Tosti: The Song of a Life, Vol. 1

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Tosti: The Song of a Life, Vol. 1
Romina Casucci (soprano) Maura Menghini (soprano) Mark Milhofer (tenor) Denver Martin‐Smith (baritone) Marco Scolastra (piano), Roberto Rupo (piano)

[ Brilliant Classics / 5 CD Box Set ]

Release Date: Tuesday 22 November 2016

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The start of a new exciting series: the complete songs by Paolo Tosti!

Paolo Tosti (1846‐1916) worked in poverty as a music teacher till he met the influential composer Giovanni Sgambati, who became his mentor. He introduced Tosti to Princess Margherita of Savoy, who became later queen of Italy. She was impressed by him and appointed him as royal music teacher. In 1875 Tosti went to London where his fame spread, and he was made Singing Master of the Royal family.

Tosti is known for his vast quantity of light, expressive songs, which are characterised by natural, singable melodies of a charming and sweet sentiment. They became immensely popular and Tosti made a fortune with them.

This new project, a huge enterprise, is produced by the Tosti Institute in Italy, presenting an impressive line of excellent Italian singers: Monica Bacelli, Valentina Mastrangelo, Maura Menghini, David Sotgiu, Nunzio Fazzini, Romina Casucci, and many more, the pianists include Marco Scolastra and Roberto Rupo.

Excellent liner notes in English and Italian, complete sung texts available on the Brilliant Classics Website.


L'Augurio stornello
Ai bagni di Lucca
Non m'ama più melodia
Ti rapirei!
Oh! quanto io t'amereit!
La Rinnovazione
O ma charmante!
M'amasti mai?
Ne me le dites pas!
Non mi guardare!
Serenata d'un angelo
T'amo Ancora!
Lontano dagli occhi
Plaintes d'Amour (1876)
Chi tardi ariva
Ride bene chi ride l'ultimo
Prime melodie
Ricordati di me
Dis-moi donc! (Ballade Russe)
For ever and for ever!
Canti popolari abruzzesi
Pagine d'album
Les papillons
Vieille chanson (temps de valse)
Il pescatore canta
Vous et moi!
Adieux à Suzon
Come to my Heart!
È' morto Pulcinella!
Nonna Sorridi?
Ave Maria
Senza di te! - Reminiscenze abruzzesi
Buon capo d'anno
Vuol note o banconote?
Patti chiari!
Povera mamma!
En Hamac!
A Sera!
Ask Me No More
La fille d'o-Taïti
Memorie d'amor!
Notte bianca
Vorrei morire!
Ange d'amour
La dernière feuille - souvenir de Waddesdon
Non t'amo più!
T'amo! (Romanza vecchio stile)
Allons voir
O dolce sera! - Piccolo notturno
La mia mandola è un amo serenata
Bid Me Goodbye
My love and I
It Came With the Merry May, Love
The Love That Came Too Late
We Watch and Wait